The Marvels of Thoughts is a real life testimonial where the author applies the intellectual faculties of the human being; Thoughts, Memories and Free Will as tools to break the chains of the past, traditions and fanaticism which is what impedes imagination, creativity and to liberate our minds of fear.

No human being can ignore the words birth and death. But doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone.

Some infants are born in soft bed sheets with pastel blues and pinks. These colors, with white and yellow, combine to highlight the tenderness of love and care infants receive as they come into the world. By contrast, other infants are born with hardly any preparation and/or loving care. They lack the opportunity to be nurtured in a soft, perfumed room. Instead they may face less-than –sanitary conditions, a lack of resources for adequate care, and perhaps even abuse or neglect.

Both types of newborns have an equal right to be
heirs of eternal life. No matter how they were welcomed into this world, each soul has to look for their own destiny and the purpose for which they were born into this world. Eventually, the beauty
and innocence of a person’s childhood (or the lack thereof) will be left behind as that person matures
and explores the wonderful world God created for us.
But finding purpose in one’s life is not easy to find.
Some people seem to catch on quickly, or are shepherded into a profession or calling, and others spend years and years trying to figure out the
purpose of their existence. Some people never seem
to get it figured out, even after decades of effort.

The truth is that no one knows the road ahead of them. Neither do we know if our road in life will be short or long. The time we have until the end of our own road is unknown. It is like everyone comes into life with only a temporary permit on our passport, carrying a partial map and the tools to gradually build our own road. The only guarantee we have in life is the capability of choosing between death and eternal life at the end of life’s journey.