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Life has challenges, they are inevitable. As a matter of fact, life is precisely about coping and getting over difficulties, thus making us better people, more resistant, wise and mature. That way, life gives us that sense of braveness and achievement we can be proud of, as solving problems, forgiving the wrongs of others and getting stronger and more noble, is what we came to do in this world.

Problems create stress, concerns and sadness, of course. But the real problema is not knowing how to face them. That´s what we learn every day of our lives, and our parents, relatives, friends and professionals are there to help. As a matter of fact, even the ones attacking you are, at the end of the day, giving you the necessary inputs to learn how to face similar situations in the future.

So stress, or even worse, distress, cannot be permanent feelings. They are something nature gives us to learn how to defend ourselves and be stronger and wiser, as said before. Mental and social difficulties are just like a physical accident: you get hurt,  you fight and accept the situation, you leatn from it and you go on, with a new strength in your body and soul. Then, there is a momento when you really feel better and the problema that made you feel terrible in the past, is not so painful the next time something similar comes. You don´t forget those bad things that happen to you, but you use them to be a better person. That´s resilience. And yes, it is hard to create that resilience, as you have to go through lots of tests and circumstances to learn how to use it, but, once you have learned that, you have got the very best weapon against whatever hurts you. Remember: happiness is not the absence of problems, but counting on the capacity to solve them. And you have got it!

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