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How The Foundation Was Born

After I attempted to take my life, God has given me a second chance to fulfill the perfect plan he had designed for me.
In my deep desire to discover for what reason I was born, I found the meaning of my existence and my purpose in life became a simple and exciting testimony to share with others. Between two philosophies of life I opened my eyes to myself and I knew the value of a wonderful human being that I am who lived in darkness for many years, applying a wrong life philosophy: HAVE + DO + BE = DESTRUCTION, I believed that my life was worth according to what I had, towards getting what I wanted with an ego superior to others.
From a material loss came the desire to put an end to my existence, resulting in a miraculous day that changed the course of my history forever.

During the recovery process, I changed the philosophy of life To have + do + be for: BE + DO + HAVE = LOVE, I found in my new philosophy that the meaning for life are human beings and nature. I found a burning light within my inner self to activate with the power of my mind and positive thoughts, based on faith and compassion for others creating an environment of cooperation with the universe, God’s workmanship.

I understood that the universe is ours. Just as plants and animals are adorned and empowered in nature fulfilling their functions, man with the privilege of reasoning deserves to awaken to discover the potential that lies within. I was passionate to see how important and necessary human beings are with each having a purpose of life for the evolution of the planet. This is why I have a deep gratitude of being alive that I desire to open a foundation so that together we can serve as instruments of prevention to the failed idea of taking one’s life.

Connie Selvaggi

How does the Foundation work?

All members and assigned representatives meet monthly to work on planning strategies and activities focused on lecture tours featuring personal motivation, spiritual retreats and shocking testimonies, to promote human values, develop leadership and thus expand the seeds of love, faith and hope throughout communities. These are based on the relevant changes that society and its environment can make through the positive attitude for the prevention of suicide.

The foundation also has a team of specialists in the field of human empowerment, responsible for developing the goals according to the Strategic Plan. Annually, the members of the foundation and the Legislative Assembly will give a report of progress and achievements.

Strategic plan:

The Suicide Prevention team will promote the implementation of guidelines and protocols on suicide prevention in all public places and countries that are assigned to carry the message of human empowerment.

Conferences will be created with varied activities to face challenges to leave fears and feel important interacting with the environment that surrounds us.

We will promote education and awareness campaigns regarding the importance of strengthening our spirit.  We will have suicide prevention programs in the media.

It will propose the creation of an administrative board so that all professionals from different health areas who want to cooperate are welcome.

Develop and coordinate the implementation of seminars and spiritual retreats with experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, pastors and doctors in general.

There will be guests with powerful testimonies that can impact lives to empower and inspire them to change different areas of their lives.

In the future, we will develop and coordinate with universities to collaborate to promote research and training of professionals in the area of ​​suicide prevention.






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