Free Time

Eight tips to make the most of your free time

Photo by @SBphoto on Believe it or not, free time must also be planned and organized in the best way to exploit it properly. It is not just waiting for something to happen in those moments or to be invited to do an activity. If you know how to take advantage of your free time, you will have several advantages. The spaces of freedom that you have can be used to increase your creativity, reduce stress, have more free…

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Confident Kids

Make your Child more Confident

Photo by @crystalmariesing  on We want our children to do better, to go further, and achieve more than we do. We want them to believe in themselves and that they are worthy of the things they want in life. The good news is that children can practice and improve their self-confidence and self-esteem with your help and guidance. Self-confidence is often confused with self-esteem. They are similar in the sense that they both have to do with the feelings one…

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Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy

Photo Credit: By Garon Piceli on Pexels. License CC0  Are pregnancy and anxiety-related? The women and the baby have been related from the beginning. It is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing unusual about it. All young women want to have a child or, in other words, to become mothers. These days, even for a professional woman, the desire to give birth to a child becoming a mother is bound to catch up and no other joy can replace the joy of becoming…

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All You Need to Know about Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Photo by  @alina.lvsib on Hair sample drug testing is a great way to detect whether or not a person has used drugs in the past 90 days. Whether in an office format or in the home, hair drug testing serves the purpose of answering questions about an individual’s drug use history. How Does Hair Follicle Drug Testing Work? Hair drug testing is actually quite simple and merely requires a sample of hair in order to be completed. Parents who are…

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What´s Happiness?

Photo by @connorjkeith  on Happiness does not have a specific definition. You can hear many men, for instance, saying as a joke that happiness is living like the late Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy Magazine, with a big harem of girls in a beautiful mansion and having an endless party. On the other hand, many girls say that happiness is being in a shopping mall and having a limitless credit card. Those examples are, of course, just funny stereotypes,…

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