Definitions of suicidal behavior

Suicidal behavior is understood as a complex and multi determined process that ranges from ideas about death and the desire to die, increasing in gestures or threats against one self, until reaching attempts to end one’s life and ending with self-induced death. Suicidal idea – It is a thought present in a person to kill or die. Suicidal threat – is the verbal or written expression of the desire to kill or die. Suicidal attempt – Any destructive act, self-inflicted, not fatal,…

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How The Foundation Was Born?

After an attempt on my life, God gives me a second chance to fulfill the perfect plan he had designed for me. In my deep desire to discover for what I was born, I found the reason of my existence, a purpose of life with a simple and exciting testimony. Between two philosophies of life I opened my eyes to myself and I knew the value of a wonderful human being who lived in darkness for many years, applying a…

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The Marvels of Thoughts

The Marvels of Thoughts is a real life testimonial where the author applies the intellectual faculties of the human being; Thoughts, Memories and Free Will as tools to break the chains of the past, traditions and fanaticism which is what impedes imagination, creativity and to liberate our minds of fear. No human being can ignore the words birth and death. But doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone. Some infants are born in soft bed sheets with pastel…

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Connie Selvaggi’s New Book

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