If you are always tired and anxious, you may need a depression test

Photo by @meganmeza via Twenty20 Depression test? Depression has become one of the most widely increased diagnosed disorders in this country over the past few years. Things like the falling economy causing a decrease in personal finances, in addition to life’s daily stresses and worries have caused many Americans to become depressed. You may have seen the recently advertised television commercials offering depression testing. Depression not only saddens an individual’s state of mind but also causes symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, and loss…

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Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Photo by @Elisall via Twenty20 Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation? People who are mentally ill also seem to be chronically afraid of hospitals, or at least seem to want to avoid medical attention in a hospital setting. Looking at it from the perspective of someone who is confused or otherwise mentally unstable, the sterile and instrument-laden halls of a hospital are indeed terrifying, and can even be considered “creepy” by a person who is not suffering from a mental condition. Mentally ill people do…

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Depression and anxiety, The natural is the best

Photo Credit: By bruce mars On Pexels. CC0 License In some cases of depression and anxiety, a patient clings to hope by taking anti-depressant drugs in the hope that it is the answer to their prayers in relieving them of their symptoms. It has been proven that certain drugs work for some and not for others. Anti-depressants have an enormous effect on the chemicals in the brain thus changing the mood. Drugs as such are known to help depression and anxiety sufferers to cope with…

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Andropause and Depression

Photo Credit: By  Craig Adderley On Pexels. CC0 License Andropause correlates directly with depression – a major player in the notorious mid-life crisis period men face in their late 40´s to late ’50s. There are a wide variety of symptoms and conditions men experience during this mid-life transition – everything from the mental (i.e. irritability) to the physical (loss of libido, lack of energy, and weight gain.) Depression, left untreated, can be a disabling condition. Andropause depression is due to dropping levels of testosterone.…

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Wipeout Your Depression, 5 Tips So You Can Live A Happy Life

Photo by  Ben White on Unsplash. License Wipeout your depression, eliminate depression? This is how you look, are you alone? Being alone is a normal part of life. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Did you know that being lonely is a normal part of our everyday lives? Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We get depressed when we fail in our exams, when we’re rejected by the person we love, or when someone very close to us passes away.…

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