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We are going to give you a series of tips that if you put them into practice daily and make a habit of them, you will learn to perceive reality and in this case difficult situations in a different, more positive, and beneficial way for you.

Find the positive in every situation
The positive thing about every difficult situation that happens to us in life is that all difficult situations are accompanied by good learning. If every time a difficult situation occurs to us, we only see the negative side, which is how bad it makes us feel in those moments or that it was simply not something that we expected, we are going to miss the best part of that experience and that is the new learning that has left us. So from now on instead of looking only at the part of a situation that you like least, make an effort to find some meaning or vital learning.

Change internal dialogue
Another barrier that prevents us from having a positive attitude in difficult times is when we speak badly to ourselves, we can even become extremely cruel and not be fully aware of it. For example, people who when they are going through a difficult time do not stop blaming and / or criticizing themselves for what happened and tend to say things to themselves such as: “I was fired from work because I am useless”, “My partner left me because nobody loves me”, “if I had done this, that would not have happened”, etc. and they don’t stop torturing themselves as if doing so would change the situation.

So the best thing to do is modify all those negative and irrational thoughts that keep us from moving forward and adopting a more positive attitude. But how can you do it? Every time you realize that you start having these types of negative thoughts, stop and modify them for more rational and positive ones, to do that, you can imagine that what you want to say to yourself you are going to say to your best friend (a) or a person extremely important to you.

Acceptance and not denial
When we are faced with a difficult moment, what most of us usually do is complain about what happened to us, lament and even deny reality. We tend to keep holding on to what we had and that has now gotten out of hand and we suffer for it even knowing that staying there hurts us more and more.

Accepting does not mean that we are resigning, but quite the opposite, accepting means stopping fighting against what is out of our control and that we cannot change. Accepting is letting ourselves flow, letting go of what apparently was not for us, accepting that we cannot be in control of situations or of other people.

For example, when we end a relationship, the other person has left us and we do not accept that this has happened, we insist that the other person change their mind, we look for them, we even ask them to continue with us, we get frustrated and wonder over and over again: “how could it happen to me?”, “nobody leaves me”, “what if he still loves me deep down?”, etc. And the more we resist we realize that the more we suffer.

However, when we accept that they have left us and we stop clinging to the idea of ​​holding the other person, it is true that it will hurt for a while, however, we will be able to feel better and finally get over it.

Focus on the present moment
This is a habit that you must learn to put into practice every day and it is extremely important for you to begin to develop a positive attitude in difficult times. But why focus on the present moment? Most of us live our lives worrying about what the future will bring us or lamenting about our past and we forget the most important thing about being here which is living day to day, moment to moment.

This generates that with the passage of time we accumulate more and more stress, so when it comes to really go through difficult situations we feel quite exhausted and without energy to achieve it since we have previously spent it in vain just to think about what could happen to us. However, when we learn to fully live each moment of our life and we forget what may or may not happen and what happened, we will have the necessary energy to face each type of adversity that we are going through along the way.