Build your Self-confidence

Photo by antoniohugophoto on Envato Free yourself and go out and do what you want! How long has it been since you went for a walk in a forest, by the sea or to do something you love since childhood? How long has it been since you went with a good friend to the bakery and ask for what you want to eat and not what a diet indicates? These things seem simple, and they are. However, they have the…

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Resilience is our Best Personal Weapon

Photo By StudioVK¬†on Envato Life has challenges, they are inevitable. As a matter of fact, life is precisely about coping and getting over difficulties, thus making us better people, more resistant, wise and mature. That way, life gives us that sense of braveness and achievement we can be proud of, as solving problems, forgiving the wrongs of others and getting stronger and more noble, is what we came to do in this world. Problems create stress, concerns and sadness, of…

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Connie Selvaggi’s New Book

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